Prabhu Shri Ram Darbaar

Ram, Laxman, Seeta, and Maruti (also known as Hanuman) are key characters in the epic Ramayana, one of the most revered texts in Hindu mythology. Lord Ram, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, embodies righteousness and duty as he embarks on a journey to rescue his beloved wife, Seeta, from the demon king Ravana. Laxman, Ram’s devoted brother, accompanies him throughout their exile in the forest and in the battle against Ravana. Hanuman, the devoted monkey-god, plays a pivotal role in locating Seeta and delivering Lord Ram’s message to her. Together, these characters symbolize the values of devotion, loyalty, and righteousness, making the Ramayana a timeless tale of virtue and heroism deeply cherished by millions around the world.



Product Code : NV0011
Length  : 48
Width   : 230
Height  : 190
Weight : 2.5 Kg
COST   : 3,900/- (Delivery charges extra)

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