Vitthal and Rakhumai, often referred to as Vithoba and Rukmini, are beloved deities in the Hindu tradition, particularly revered in the state of Maharashtra, India. Vitthal is considered a manifestation of Lord Krishna, while Rakhumai is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Rukmini, Krishna’s consort. The worship of Vitthal and Rakhumai is deeply rooted in devotion and love, with their temple in Pandharpur being a prominent pilgrimage site. Devotees from various backgrounds visit Pandharpur to
seek the divine couple’s blessings, and their devotion is often expressed through devotional songs, poetry, and simple rituals. The significance of Vitthal and Rakhumai lies in their embodiment of the divine love between Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmini, serving as a source of inspiration for countless devotees seeking a deeper connection with the divine.




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